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Catch 22: Scene 3: Eddy CeeTee & Hugh Hunter Affiliate Assets Launched May 20th, 2015
This week TitanMen Exclusive Eddy CeeTee and Inked-Up stud Hugh Hunter in a steamy poolside fuck. This highly anticipated third scene in Catch 22 finishes out the full-length movie with a literal bang. Stay tuned for a special IML TitanRough update next week. And like always, please let us know if you have any questions!

Title: Catch 22: Scene 3: Eddy CeeTee & Hugh Hunter
ZIP: http://www.titanstatic.com/affiliates/catch-22/scene03/scene03.zip
Large Collage: http://www.titanstatic.com/affiliates/catch-22/scene03/Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_COLLAGE.jpg
Small Collage: http://www.titanstatic.com/affiliates/catch-22/scene03/sm_Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_COLLAGE.jpg
Posterframe: http://www.titanstatic.com/affiliates/catch-22/scene03/Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter_POSTER.jpg
MP4: http://www.titanstatic.com/affiliates/catch-22/scene03/Catch22_Scene3_EddyCeeTee_HughHunter.mp4

Eddy CeeTee surfaces from the pool, water sliding down his furry chest. A smile breaks though his beard as he approaches tall and tattooed Hugh Hunter. They embrace, Hugh licking down Eddy’s beefy bod. He pulls down Eddy’s swim trunks to slowly reveal his thick shaft. He smiles up at Eddy before releasing his cock, then sucks him deep. They kiss, grinding on each other before Eddy gets on his knees—teasing the top and side of Hugh’s shaft before engulfing it. Eddy gasps for breath, reaching up to feed a finger to Hugh—who holds on to Eddy’s hand in a hot shot. Eddy tongue fucks Hugh before sliding his cock in, fucking him faster as grunts fill the air. Eddy slams his cock all the way in and out (“Open that hole!”), varying the tempo as Hugh buries his face in the cushion. The verbal bottom sits on Eddy, then gets on his back (“Pound that fucking hole!”) before he’s coated in cum—Eddy flashing a sexy scowl, grabbing the bottom’s hair as they kiss.